Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that the door is open for India to return to the F1 calendar in 2015, as doubts surface about two of the new events that were due to feature on the calendar next year.

The Indian race was dropped for 2014 after F1 management revealed they wanted to move it to a March date, which proved to be impractical just five months after the 2013 event had taken place.

At the time, it was said that the race would return for 2015, although doubts have since surfaced about whether the most recent race would prove to be the last at the Buddh International Circuit, with a number of issues surrounding the running of the race - most notably the fact that the state government has classed F1 as entertainment which incurs higher taxation for organisers.

Despite those doubts however, Ecclestone revealed that a deal is in place for India to feature on the calendar as planned in 2015, if the current issues can be resolved.

"The door is open for them," he told Reuters. "It's all there. Done. That's all done. [It's] just a case of the government sorting itself out."

Former F1 racer Karun Chandhok, son of Indian motorsports chief Vicky, welcomed the news that Ecclestone was keen to keep the race on the calendar.

"We are working really hard to make it happen," he said. "We had lots of great meetings last week (with Ecclestone's people). There are things to be sorted out for the government but that's more from the teams' point of view. The tax implications are more affecting the teams and drivers than FOM.

"The good thing is Bernie wants to do it. One thing he did say is 'we want to make it happen. Let's try and get it done'. You never know with Bernie...but the inclination is there from the [promoters] Jaypee side and from his side."

While India seems to set to return to the calendar, two of the new races that were slated to join the schedule next year now look like being removed from the final version of the calendar that will be ratified by the FIA at the end of the year.

The 2014 season was set to a feature a total of 22 races in what would have been the biggest season in F1 history, but reports now suggest that the races in New Jersey and Mexico are set to fall by the wayside.

Financial concerns seem set to lead to the cancellation of both races, which be the second time the New Jersey has been now been canned having initially been dropped from the 2013 schedule.

If New Jersey is cancelled, it would remove the tripe-header with Monaco and Canada that was being viewed as something of a logistical nightmare for teams.



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