Sam Bird says he feels he deserves a chance to show what he can do in F1 following another successful season in GP2 this year.

The Briton ended the season as runner-up to Fabio Leimer while he helped his Russian Time Racing team wrap up the teams championship in its first season as part of the grid.

The Mercedes test driver - who won five times in GP2 this season - will now look at the options available for next year, but he said he felt he had done enough to deserve a shot at F1.

"There's not too many, maybe not more than three or four people, who have won more than five in a season," he told ESPN. "I think I can name three so it's a fairly exclusive club of people who have won five or more races in a year in GP2. I do think that it warrants people from the other paddock having a look."

The 26-year-old did concede however that finances could work against him in his bid to make it onto the F1 grid, but said he was working hard with his management team to try and make his dream a reality.

"The money situation is very difficult, but I think I can speak for most junior drivers making their way up to Formula One when I say that," he said. "There are other people in my situation who have proven themselves this year in whatever category and don't have the funding to move up or make it to the pinnacle of their chosen path in motorsport.

"It is a frustrating time for everybody concerned in racing unless you've already made it to the big time. It's tough but we're working very hard, my management at CJ Motorsport and myself. We are working all the time to try to ensure my future is a bright one and can potentially be in the Formula One paddock."


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