Sebastian Vettel went into the summer hiatus after Hungary with a healthy but far from insurmountable lead in the 2013 world drivers' championship. But since the drivers returned to action at Spa and Monza it's seemed as though everyone else had simply given up and been standing still as Vettel marched from victory to victory - seven in succession now.

You can't blame Vettel for that, and it's a relief that his achievement has been greeted with cheers and acclaim and not by the mean-spirited booing that had started to blight podium proceedings in 2013 whenever Vettel took the top spot. The fact that he pulled off some crowd-pleasing donuts in India and Abu Dhabi (even if the race stewards weren't so keen) seems to have won back some popular support for Vettel - who surely deserves if for all his remarkable achievements in what is still just eight seasons participating in F1 Grand Prix weekends.

To mark Vettel becoming the youngest-ever quadruple world champion in F1 at the age of just 26 years and 117 days, we've put together a brand new ten-part quiz for you recalling some of the key moments from his career to date. Even if you're not a huge Vettel fan there's plenty of interesting trivia for you to feast on. And for those not all that interested in the history of the sport then there's plenty of questions on just the 2013 season alone, although for the F1 cognoscenti we couldn't resist teasing your brain cells with one question dating all the way back to 1953 as well!

Something for everyone, then, and certainly lots to fascinate you this weekend as we take a pause after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and ahead of the final burst of F1 action of 2013 with back-to-back events coming up at Austin and Sao Paulo concluding this year's season and rounding off another chapter of F1 history. You'll find the first of our ten questions waiting for you by CLICKING HERE to go to the latest all-new quiz that's All About Vettel.

As always, it's much more fun and infinitely more satisfying if you try it first time round without help, so try and avoid looking up the answers in Google, Wikipedia or's own extensive news archives, at least for your initial attempt. That way you'll have a clean conscience when you 'Have your Say' by adding a comment below to let us all know how you fared.

Ready to get underway? Lined up on the grid? Engines revving? Then it's time for get on with the quiz - and we'll see you up on the podium after the chequered flag!