16 drivers so far announced for F1 2014, leaving 6 seats still to be officially confirmed...

Confirmed 2014 F1 drivers:

Sebastian VettelGermanyRed Bull-Renault
(Confirmed until the end of 2015)Daniel RicciardoAustraliaRed Bull-Renault
(Signed multi-year deal in September 2013, contract length not officially announced, but believed to be for 'at least' three years).

Lewis HamiltonBritainMercedes-Mercedes
(Deal expires at end of 2015)Nico RosbergGermanyMercedes-Mercedes
(Signed 'multi-year deal' in November 2011)

Fernando AlonsoSpainFerrari-Ferrari
(Contract runs until the end of 2016, but no doubt with clauses).Kimi RaikkonenFinlandFerrari-Ferrari
(Signed two year deal in September 2013)

Romain GrosjeanFrenchLotus-Renault
(Signed deal for 2014, contract length not announced)Pastor MaldonadoVenezuelaLotus-Renault
(Signed deal for 2014, contract length not announced)

Jenson ButtonBritainMcLaren-Mercedes
(Signed 'multi-year deal' in October 2011. Confirmed for 2014 in Korea)Kevin MagnussenDenmark McLaren-Mercedes
(Signed for McLaren in November ahead of the United States Grand Prix - contract length not revealed)

Nico HulkenbergGermany Force India-Mercedes
(Signed a multi-year deal to re-join Force India in December 2013).

Jean-Eric VergneFranceToro Rosso-Renault
(Signed deal for 2013, contract length not announced. Since confirmed for 2014)Daniil KvyatRussia Toro Rosso-Renault
(Signed deal for 2014 in October 2013. Contract length not announced)

Felipe MassaBrazilWilliams-Mercedes
(Signed 'multi-year deal' in November 2013)Valtteri Bottas FinlandWilliams-Mercedes
(Signed deal for 2013, contract length not announced. Since confirmed for 2014)

Jules BianchiFranceMarussia-Ferrari
(Signed deal for 2014, contract length not announced)

Still to be confirmed / Likely candidates for remaining seats...:

Sergio PerezMexicoForce India-Mercedes
(May go to Force India - or possibly re-join Sauber)Adrian SutilGermany Force India-Mercedes
(May stay on at Force India. Has also been linked to Sauber)Paul di RestaBritainForce India-Mercedes
(Could stay on at Force India, although most believe he will end up the odd one out and be forced to return to the DTM or switch to IndyCar)

Sergey SirotkinRussia Sauber-Ferrari
(Was expected to drive for Sauber in 2014, subject to securing a super licence - although now not thought to be so certain...)Esteban GutierrezMexicoSauber-Ferrari
(Signed deal for 2013, contract length not announced. Has been linked to Marussia if he is dropped - as expected - by Sauber)Vitaly PetrovRussia Sauber-Ferrari
(Rumoured to be in frame due to the arrival of Russian backers at the Swiss team...)

Charles PicFranceCaterham-Renault
(Signed 'multi-year deal' in November 2012)Giedo van der Garde Netherlands Caterham-Renault
(Signed deal for 2013, contract length not announced)Heikki KovalainenFinlandCaterham-Renault
(Rumoured to be in the frame to return...)

Max ChiltonBritainMarussia-Ferrari
(Signed deal for 2013, one-year deal only)


Mark WebberAustralia
(Heading to sportscars with Porsche).



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