With the announcement from the FIA that it is to seek 'expressions of interest' from teams looking to join F1, it seems the ideal chance to look back at the most recent 'twelfth team' on the grid.

Hispania Racing was born out of the Campos Meta 1 team, which had earned a place on the grid for 2010 and should have been one of four new teams alongside Lotus (now Caterham), Virgin (now Marussia) and USF1 (very quickly defunct).

Financial issues forced Adrian Campos to sell up to Jos? Ram?n Carabante shortly before the start of 2010, with Hispania going to the first round with no previous running for the F110.

A lack of money would be an ongoing issue for the team, even after it was sold to Thesan Capital in mid-2011.

Although the team made it through to the end of 2012, Thesan made the decision to put the outfit up for sale in November and with no buyer being found, the team closed its doors - dropping the grid down to eleven teams for 2013.

To look back at the official launch of what would ultimately be a challenging three-year programme for the Spanish team, click HERE...



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