Former F1 world champion Michael Schumacher is now out of danger, it has been claimed by Philippe Strieff, a friend of the 45-year-old and himself a former F1 driver.

Schumacher is currently battling against head injuries sustained in a skiing accident in France last weekend.

"I'm not a doctor, I'm repeating what Gerard Saillant [surgeon and friend of the Schumacher family] told me," Strieff told reporters outside the hospital in Grenoble on Friday according to Sky Sports F1. "Gerard Saillant said it is a serious condition but his life is not in danger anymore now, thankfully.

"He was such a healthy man. He's 45, he's young and has always been very fit. He is in top shape physically so there are no reasons why he would not make it."

Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm revealed on Wednesday that the former Ferrari and Mercedes driver was now in a 'critical but stable condition'. There has been no official statement since then, with further updates only expected when there is a change in his condition. As such the comments from Strieff should be treated with caution.

Meanwhile, a camera attached to the helmet worn by Schumacher in the accident is now being examined by the local authorities, according to French news agency AFP. It is hoped it will shed further light on what happened. Schumacher's son Mick and a friend of the teenager, both of whom saw the accident, have also been interviewed by police.

Schumacher turned 45 on Friday with hundreds of fans converging on the Grenoble University Hospital to show their support, something the family has since said they found 'overwhelming'.

"The incredible sympathies shown today by the Ferrari Fans outside the hospital has utterly overwhelmed us and moved us all to tears," reads a statement posted on Schumacher's official website. "We are deeply grateful for it and also for all the heartwarming and heartfelt wishes for Michael to get well soon, which have reached us from all over the world."



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