Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he considered holding a race in New Jersey on a purpose built permanent circuit before electing to go with a street track around Manhattan.

The Grand Prix of America has been beset by issues since being announced in 2011, and has so far failed to appear on the calendar despite being initially named as part of the schedule for both 2013 and 2014.

According to a report by Pitpass, Ecclestone had previously investigated a permanent circuit in the area to host a second race on American soil, with the commercial rights holder suggesting that plans to use a street circuit could be changed if the race is to go ahead.

"We looked at a permanent circuit in that area three years ago," Ecclestone revealed. "[If the race does go ahead] maybe the venue will be a little different."

A source close to the event added that developers were still prepared to work on a permanent circuit if the need arose.

"[The plans were for] a 4.68km permanent circuit in full compliance with all FIA regs for Grade 1," the source revealed. "It's fortunate for F1 that the developers of the permanent circuit have had enough patience not to walk away and spend a few hundred million elsewhere."



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