Damon Hill insists that Michael Schumacher's accident while skiing has shown how precious life it, and has cast a cloud over F1 in the run-up to the 2014 season.

The seven-time champion remains in a coma in Grenoble following the incident shortly after Christmas, with no updates having been made for nearly two weeks since it was reported that the 45-year-old remained in a critical but stable condition.

Speaking to the Indian Express, Hill - who infamously clashed with the former Ferrari man in the 1994 season finale - admitted he was shocked by what had happened to his former rival and said it served a reminder of people's vulnerability.

"It's definitely a cloud hanging over Formula One because Michael has been such a large part of the sport," he said. "We're all shocked, deeply concerned and praying for his family and for him.

"Michael loved skiing and he loved life and we all, I suppose, come from a similar make-up. There are millions who go skiing and I'm sure that won't change.

"This reminds us of our vulnerability and how precious life is. Taking precautions is a must and racing drivers are extremely cautious."

No updates are due to be made on Schumacher's condition until there has been a change.


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