Caterham team principal Cyril Abiteboul admits the team's 2014 car is going to be "ugly".

The new regulations relating to the nose height require it to be lowered compared to previous seasons in order to guard against danger to drivers in side-on impacts. There has been concern that the new regulations would lead to some strange solutions from designers and Abiteboul feels the Caterham falls in to that category.

Addressing the media at Caterham's Leafield factory on Tuesday, Abiteboul said: "Maybe it's better that you don't see it because it's going to be ugly. Everything that they say is true.

"It is going to be ugly and I think Formula One is still show business. They should still be attractive to people. Kids should be dreaming when they see a Formula One car; I don't know what kind of dream or nightmare they will be doing when they look at these cars! It does remind me of Alien with something coming out of the mouth...

"It's not very nice but the only thing is I'm holding my breath hoping that everyone has more or less the same, because otherwise we will have a need to be extremely faster than everyone else and I'm not sure we will be."

And Abiteboul believes F1 needs to work together to ensure future designs are more pleasing to the eye.

"I think it's a natural consequence of the regulations and the impact system at the front, so it is what it is. Maybe we will have to address that as a collective issue as Formula One, because we need to be selling some dreams."


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