F1's controversial rule which will see double points awarded at the final race of the season is set to stay.

Following a meeting of team members and the FIA in Geneva yesterday, the BBC reports that the issue was only touched upon and there was no clear attempt made to instigate a change. However, the meeting did lead to the agreement that cost control regulations would be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council in June ahead of implementation in January 2015.

Other agreements saw some amendments to the 2014 sporting regulations, including a new five second time penalty which can be taken before work is carried out on a car during a pit stop and no stopping on a slowing down lap to save fuel. For 2015, tyre heating devices have been banned and the minimum weight limit increased by 10kg.

The news concerning double points comes after a number of team members had previously voiced their doubts about the rule, with Caterham owner Tony Fernandes saying on Tuesday that it is a "fake fix" for F1's bigger problems.

"Everyone's asked me 'Where is the sport going?'" Fernandes said. "And all I've heard in three or four years is technical changes. The double points is a fake fix. It's not a solution. I don't think it's fair to the guy who has bust his balls out when you've got 19 races and loses it on one. I don't think it's fair.

"I'm not anywhere near that position where we will be in that position and I'm just stating my point. But why have they got to that situation? Because it has become so predictable."

Caterham team principal Cyril Abiteboul, however, made clear that he didn't feel it was right to go back on the decision.

"I don't see any opportunity in the process to [remove the rule]. I think that actually it was a symbolic measure of the F1 Strategy Group so I think that it would be really sad to take that away."



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