Adrian Sutil said his crash on the third day of testing at Jerez was due to the new cars but that he "lost it in a very strange way".

On his first day driving for Sauber, Sutil lost control of the C33 exiting the Turn 6 hairpin and hit the tyre barriers, damaging the front of the car. Explaining how the incident had unfolded, Sutil said it was a combination of factors with the primary one being the delivery of torque from the new engine.

"The new cars are very, very tricky," Sutil said. "Low grip and very cold temperatures as well. The tyres are even harder so that's all a reason; it caught me out on an installation lap. We had several issues with the engine, the tyres got colder and a combination of cold tyres, turbocharger, the torque amount came in too aggressively and I lost it in a very strange way.

"It was kind of a small incident. We just had a nose change and the suspension was a little bit damaged but it is all repairable and we will be out [on Friday] on time."

However, Sutil said it should be quite simple to make the engine more driveable and added that some difficult early laps were not unexpected.

"You have to just play around with the pedal maps a little bit because you have more torque and it comes in quite aggressively sometimes. But it's very early with the engine and the first kilometres out there are always quite tricky. We had all sorts of problems but at least we could run and do some mileage on the engine."



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