Dani Juncadella says Force India's progress across the first test at Jerez shows what a steep learning curve the new regulations provide.

Force India completed just 65 laps during the first three days of the opening test last week as many teams struggled for mileage while trying to understand the new power units. However, reserve driver Juncadella took over the car on Friday and completed 81 laps alone to more than double Force India's tally.

Reflecting on how the week had unfolded at the end of the test, Juncadella said the team had quickly picked up how to avoid certain problems occurring which had allowed it to run more consistently.

"Mainly it was really important to get a lot of laps," Juncadella said. "It is always difficult to say the potential of the car but I think [on Friday] we showed that the car was performing really well without any big problems and that's something very interesting for the team. It was a really big improvement because after three frustrating days where you are struggling with mileage and then almost doubling what we have done in three days is something great for everyone in the team.

"I think it is just learning the cars. After three days having normal issues that everyone was having or could have, you keep learning from what's wrong in the car and then you try finding solutions. It was not something specific, we just kept avoiding going the same way as when we had the problems."

On his own schedule for the year, Juncadella said he expects to get plenty more lap time in the VJM07.

"It's not really confirmed but I should be getting a few more tests and a few Friday outings. I don't really know which ones or how many but you should see me in the car a few more times."


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