Adrian Sutil says he has confidence in Ferrari's power unit and has urged Sauber to work on improving the aerodynamics of its C33.

Sauber ran with a launch specification aero package on the car in Jerez, with an "extensive package" planned for the second test in Bahrain. Sutil said that Sauber is likely to make the biggest gains working on the car's aerodynamic performance at the next test due to the strength of the Ferrari engine, with little that needs changing from a powertrain point of view.

"We need to put some downforce on the car and make it driveable!" Sutil said. "I think this is the most important thing. All the brake systems and engine-wise I think we're quite comfortable with the Ferrari package - they did a good job - so we have to focus on our car, driveability and especially the aerodynamics."

However, while Sutil is pleased with the Ferrari engine he admits Sauber wasn't able to make huge progress with it as it struggled to carry out any long runs during the Jerez test.

"The conditions were just not so good and we were struggling mostly to keep the tyres up to temperature. So we were struggling to do a longer run - longer than five laps - because we lost so much temperature that it was almost undriveable. So the runs were quite short but we covered over 60 laps [on the final day] so that's not too bad."



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