Marussia sporting director Graeme Lowdon thinks Formula One needs to ensure skill is rewarded and not financial strength.

The new regulations introduced for 2014 have caused budgets to rise significantly due to the cost of the new power units and complex technology involved. Marussia joined the sport as Virgin Racing in 2010 under the expectation that a budget cap would be introduced, but ultimately it never materialised.

With a new attempt at a budget cap set to be implemented in 2015, Lowdon says F1 needs to move away from financial muscle being a major influence in success.

"We have said this a lot, which is that Formula One should be a test of skill and not financial strength," Lowdon said. "So the people who come up with the most skillful solution - whether it's skill in design of the car, operation of the car, strategy, the driver ability - whatever it is, skill should be rewarded and not financial strength.

"The regulations - whether they're technical, sporting or financial - our view is that regulations that drive toward parity between the front of the grid and back of the grid is good for the sport and ultimately good for the fans, but would still reward the best team. The best team should be the most skillful team and not the richest team."

Lowdon added that the best way to ensure the most skillful team is rewarded would be to take an overall view of the regulations rather than just working on one aspect of the sport.

"Having regulations that cover technical areas, sporting areas and financial areas can still be consistent with a championship that rewards the most skillful team. That's important, and hopefully that's the direction that the regulations are going to go in. There's been a fairly big change here which has certainly had a financial impact on all of the teams but I think we need to look at the regulations as a whole, not just financial ones on their own or technical or sporting. If there's a package that helps that drive that parity then that would be a really good thing for the sport."



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