Commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he plans to offer a EUR1 million reward to anyone who provides evidence that teams are breaking a planned spending cap in F1.

The FIA revealed late last year that it was looking into ways to bring in a cost cap for the 2015 season in an effort to make the sport more financially sustainable and to reduce some of the economic pressure on the competing teams.

How the cap would be policed is something still to be revealed but Ecclestone said he was prepared to offer a financial incentive to anyone who could provide evidence that the rules were being broken.

"The plan under consideration is to give EUR1million to any whistleblower whose knowledge is proved to be accurate," he told the Express. "We will then say to the team that the following year you will lose three of the maximum points you have scored. Then let's see if they want to cheat.

"We have approved the budget cap. It is going to happen. Everyone agreed to $200million. What hasn't been agreed is what is in the $200million.

"Unless we include everything, I am sure people will find ways around it. It's going to be difficult."

The reward would be open to anyone with valid evidence and not just F1 personnel.



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