Stefano Domenicali says F1 needs to avoid "self-destruction" over the new power units and regulations.

Bernie Ecclestone branded the first test a "total farce" as teams struggled to complete significant mileage early on and the new V6 turbo power units were heard on track for the first time since replacing the V8 engines. However, Domenicali told the official Ferrari website that the changes will take a while to be refined and implied that the sport needs to portray itself in a more positive light.

"In this situation, it's best not to rush to draw any conclusions, and play into the hands of those scaremongers, as a propensity for self-destruction serves no purpose," Domenicali said. "Every time there are changes, there are discussions, which is natural. We have only had one test so far when there were never more than four or five cars on track at the same time. Let's wait until we see all 22 together before saying that everything's gone wrong.

"Once a path has been chosen, one has to move forward in a constructive manner. If after a certain period of time we see that an element of excitement is really missing, such as engine noise, then we can see how best to react."

Domenicali also said that F1 is getting too caught up with issues such as the engine sound and should be paying more attention to what the fans at the circuit want from the whole experience.

"Personally, I don't think this aspect will keep people away from the racetracks. We should be more concerned with the Grand Prix event as a whole and we need to find a strategy to attract youngsters to our sport, which today has a hardcore of fans aged between 35 and 50. We need to get back to having the car seen as an inspirational theme and not just as a means of transport, which adds nothing to our existence.

"At Ferrari we want to put a lot of effort into this aspect, as shown with initiatives such as getting the public to name the Formula 1 car, or the on-line photo competition, "snap your passion," which will see four winners come with us to the final test in Bahrain, an initiative that has attracted a lot of attention, especially with youngsters."



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