Jacques Villeneuve has criticised the direction that F1 is heading, saying "it's gone too far now" and that he doesn't understand the sport's plans.

New engine regulations introduced for 2014 have received a mixed reception so far, with Bernie Ecclestone even going as far as to describe the opening test of the year as "a total farce". Speaking exclusively to Crash.net, Villeneuve - who has just signed up to race in the FIA World Rallycross Championship - says the sport is too insular and is heading in the wrong direction.

"I don't really think that F1 looks at other series or what happens anywhere else," Villeneuve said. "It's gone too far now, so you need it all restructured. The current F1 is really far away from what F1 was and should be.

"It's hard to know [if it's beyond help] but obviously what they want F1 to be is not what F1 was. They have their own goals and plans; I'm just not sure what they are. I fail to understand them right now so I really don't know what the plan is with modern F1. I really don't get it."

Speaking specifically about the new engine regulations, Villeneuve said the fact that the new cars are going to be similar in speed to the Williams he drove to the drivers' title 17 years ago highlights just how F1 fails to live up to its status as the pinnacle of motorsport.

"I don't understand the concept of always trying to make F1 go slower and slower and slower and have less and less power. There were turbo days with over 1000 horsepower and now we're down to ridiculously low horsepower. I don't know, I really don't get it. They're barely faster than GP2 and they have a hard time beating our lap times from 1997 so something is wrong."



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