Renault admits it is still behind schedule with its new power unit but is happy with the progress being made between tests.

With Renault-powered cars only completing a total of 151 laps at the first test - compared to 444 for Ferrari and 875 for Mercedes - the engine manufacturer has been working back at its headquarters to resolve a number of issues. Progress appeared to have been made when Lotus ran "without any reliability problems" during a filming day last weekend, but a similar day for Toro Rosso was less successful.

Head of track operations Remi Taffin said Renault was hopeful that the recent work it has done will allow it to at least carry out the sort of running it had been planning at the first test.

"We left the first test with a lot to do on our side, mainly facing hardware and software issues," Taffin is quoted as saying by the Press Association. "With regard to the hardware we are now confident the problem we had in the first test has been solved and we will be in a position to go out in Bahrain without all these issues.

"As for the software we've improved our level. We're still behind our initial schedule, but now beyond what we would have done in the first test. Again we should be okay in Bahrain to go out on the first day with a car that should be working. We are ready to do what we would have liked to have done in the first test, which is to properly test the power unit and give our customers a way to discover their cars."

And Taffin was keen to play down how far behind schedule Renault is compared to Mercedes and Ferrari, saying the only real difference between the engine manufacturers is the amount of running completed at Jerez.

"We're still behind schedule, but it's not a question of months. We are at least where we would have sought to be for the first test, so maybe now we are three weeks behind, and now we are on a recovery plan. We're now going to go into Bahrain with what we would have liked to have finished the first test with.

"As for our rivals, let's put it this way, they are probably four days ahead of us as they had a proper test in Jerez, and we didn't."



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