Jacques Villeneuve says the majority of the field in F1 at present is "mediocre" and that driving is becoming too easy.

Sebastian Vettel has won the last four world championships as Red Bull's dominance has also seen it take four consecutive constructors' titles. While the new regulations threaten to mix up the order, Villeneuve told Crash.net during an exclusive interview that picking out the best drivers was an easy task due to the overall standard on the grid.

"It's really hard to see someone stand out [under the current regulations]," Villeneuve said. "Obviously a [Sebastian] Vettel or a [Fernando] Alonso stands out because the rest of the field is mediocre."

Elaborating on why he feels there is such a lack of talent, Villeneuve said the sport was making it easier for the current generation and taking away aspects of racing where the drivers have to make decisions for themselves.

"They're becoming easier and easier to drive so less and less talented. Even last year the drivers had to slow down in corners to save the tyres and the teams were telling them where to slow down. It's not even the drivers that were feeling it, the teams were telling them 'OK slow down a little bit in that corner or slow down in that other one because the temperatures are going up'. So it's not even the driver talent any more. The driver, slowly but surely, is becoming a passenger in the car, which is what was wanted a while ago.

"Next year they're super-slow, they don't even push so it's not even physical any more and the fuel economy is done electronically. The engine slows down on its own half way down the straight; it's not even the driver that has to figure out when and how to save fuel, so he has very little to do."



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