Sebastian Vettel admits he finds it "strange not to know how good the car is" after another poor day of testing for Red Bull.

After the team managed just 21 laps at the first test in Jerez, Red Bull struggled for mileage once again on the opening day in Bahrain as Vettel completed only 14 laps. With it being an unusual situation for Red Bull compared to previous years, Vettel said the thing that stands out for him is not knowing the RB10's potential.

"It's more strange not to know how good the car is," Vettel said. "We might have a bad car, I don't know, but we can say that it's not the most reliable right now! But that's what testing is for. So far it's zero points for everyone, so all the homework you get done at winter testing helps you, especially at the beginning of the season because you don't need to catch up.

"We've still got some days left. I think we know what is going on but it's not that easy to fix as you can see, otherwise we wouldn't volunteer to only do 14 laps."

Despite the team's struggles so far, Vettel said Red Bull should not panic too early in the season.

"I hope it's competitive but we don't know yet; it's difficult to get a feel when you only do a couple of laps. Everything is not running smoothly yet, so I think that's the most important thing to make sure you understand how everything works, you set it up the right way and make your car as reliable as you can.

"Obviously we are still at the beginning, so I don't see any reason to panic. In a way it is a surprise but in another way it is not. We knew that it was a massive challenge. There is a lot of work ahead of us. We didn't expect to have that many problems right at the beginning but it is what it is and I know that everyone is at 100%, working flat out trying to find solutions as quickly as we can."



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