Felipe Massa says his optimism over the new Williams has not been hit by a fuel system issue which prevented running at the start of the second test.

Massa was excited by the potential of the FW36 after the first test in Jerez, but he was unable to complete more than five laps on the first day of testing at Bahrain as Williams struggled to rectify a fuel system issue. Asked by Crash.net if the problem had affected his confidence, Massa replied: "No, for sure not.

"It's a bit frustrating to everybody but it can really happen at this stage. The car is new, sometimes things happen and you don't understand why but I think it's important to pass through this problem and understand everything about the car. When we arrive in Australia maybe the reliability is more important than anything, so I think it's important to pass through all the issues.

"Maybe what we had today was not nice because we lost one day but it's important to understand. I'm sure some teams are having even more problems than us but when things change everybody starts from zero. We have a lot to understand and I don't think this will be a big, big problem for us."

However, Massa admitted that Williams still wasn't certain as to the cause of the problem and whether it came from the team of from Mercedes.

"I think [we understand it] but no 100%. Every time we had this problem we had to dismantle a mount the car again and every time you do that you lose three hours. And then we had the problem again. So we need to pass through many things and I hope tomorrow it will be OK.

"I don't think it will be a problem. We saw that most of the Mercedes teams could run today. We ran in Jerez so I'm not so worried; we ran already. It's not like the first time that we put the car on the track we could not drive. We did many laps and I think it's important to understand this problem quickly."

Having had such a strong start to testing at Jerez, Massa said he was confident the car is still just as impressive in Bahrain.

"I was pretty happy in Jerez with the feeling of the car, how the car was behaving, how the engine was behaving. So everything was working well around the car. I think that was important. Here in Bahrain it is impossible to say how the feeling was because I couldn't do any laps but I think it was enough to understand that the car was OK to drive. No strange feelings for how you use the throttle, how you use the breaks; everything was a normal feeling."



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