Adrian Sutil believes the new Pirelli tyres supplied for 2014 are "far too hard".

With the new regulations resulting in increased torque and wheelspin, Pirelli has introduced a stiffer construction as part of its 2014 range. While Sutil has welcomed the move to a more stable tyre after analysing them on Wednesday in Bahrain, he said the tyre manufacturer has probably gone too far in terms of how hard the compounds are.

"The tyres were much better to rate; in Jerez I couldn't say much because it was too cold," Sutil said. "But the way they are reacting is in a way much better. They're more consistent than last year so there's not such a drop off in performance from what I can see at the moment. All the laps when you do a long run are more close together. But they're really hard.

"Construction is of course stiffer than last year and that's why the tyres are holding on better but once you spin the wheels you lose a lot of grip and the tyre needs to recover for the whole straight. It was quite weird having good grip in the corner and suddenly losing it all and it feels like a train in the corner; you don't get around it.

"So, quite a few things to learn but I think at the moment the consistency is a better tyre... but far too hard."

Sutil added that the construction meant there was less shock absorption from the tyre, which could prove to be a headache for teams on street circuits.

"We'll see throughout the season where we have more bumpy circuits but this one is very smooth anyway and you can run stiff, it's fine. But for sure the tyre is something that is damping the car as well, so we'll have some changes there."



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