Kevin Magnussen says he is "very curious to know" where McLaren is in the pecking order but is unsure of its competitiveness.

Despite a tough day with telemetry problems limiting him to eight laps in the morning, Magnussen recovered in the afternoon to set the fastest time of the test so far on the supersoft tyre. Although he was 1.5s clear of the rest of the field, he said the time did not give any indication of where McLaren stands relative to the competition.

"It's so difficult to tell, I would love to know where we are," Magnussen said. "I am very curious to know where we are but I don't know and I don't think anyone really knows. So we will see when we get to Australia.

"There will be more [to come]. From now until Australia hopefully we will improve the car. But I think we are in a good place. We need to work very hard but we are not looking too bad."

Asked by if he's happy with how his pre-season is progressing after completing two thirds of his own running, Magnussen admitted he wants as much time in the car as possible ahead of Melbourne.

"From my own view I feel very good with the team and I feel very good in the car but you always want more driving. So hopefully the next two days that I get next week will be trouble-free and hopefully we'll get some good testing done."

Magnussen also said gaining knowledge on the supersoft tyre was more important than the lap time he managed to set on Thursday.

"It was a pushing lap on a supersoft tyre so a good experience and good to feel. It's the first time I've been on the supersoft tyre so it's good experience.

"We're trying to look at everything. This testing is about trying to get through a big programme. Today unfortunately we had a small issue with the telemetry in the morning but we managed to get out and get some good laps done in the afternoon."



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