Fernando Alonso says Ferrari is "not as good as we would like at this point" at the halfway stage of pre-season testing.

Ferrari has looked like the closest challenger to the Mercedes-powered cars so far in Jerez and Bahrain, with Red Bull and the Renault power unit struggling. However, while Alonso said the mileage over the first two days in Bahrain was encouraging he said there were lots of areas where Ferrari needs to improve.

"It's important to do laps; we learn things and from these two days we discovered some more issues that the car is having," Alonso said. "Every lap there is something and in the electronic side we have so many things this year that we can tune it a little bit better or improve it. So slowly I think we are getting in to a position where we are more comfortable.

"We are not as good as we would like at this point and there are still many things to discover and to improve but at least we are able to do 160 laps in two days again without big issues in the car. This is good for the team, for the motivation of everybody."

With a clear pecking order still unknown, Alonso admitted that the way the first six days of testing has panned out leads him to believe the first few races will be a lottery.

"It's definitely strange, definitely challenging for everyone. It's not easy to bet this year - for the people who normally bet - on Australia. I think it will be extremely tough for everyone to know and have an idea of what can happen in Australia and in the first couple of races.

"Our target should be to finish the race; if we finish the race in the first three or four grands prix then I think that automatically means a good result because not many teams will finish, and that is challenging. It seems easy but it's challenging."



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