Red Bull says it is in for "a tough night" after suspending running on Friday in Bahrain.

Daniel Ricciardo completed 28 laps during the third day of testing at the Bahrain International Circuit, but the team cited a mechanical problem as the cause of its early finish. With the issue being a new one that had not been previously encountered, race engineering co-ordinator Andy Damerum said it would require the rest of the day and night to prepare the car to run from the start of Saturday.

"After yesterday's good work we had another positive period overnight with the car build, which we're getting quite good at, and it looked good this morning," Damerum said. "We were focused on short runs for Daniel, as the car feels very different to the one we had in Jerez and we wanted to build things up gradually for him.

"We made more changes over lunch and in doing so we came across a mechanical issue that we hadn't encountered before and because of its nature it means we have to take the car apart. As everyone in the pit lane is finding out this is a long process, so we decided to suspend running in the afternoon so that we can be ready for the final day.

"These issues are of course frustrating but this was unrelated to the others so it's just a case of tackling each issue as it appears. A tough night in prospect but we hope to get a good day in tomorrow."



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