Lewis Hamilton says he is "trying to break the car as much as possible" in order to iron out any problems before the start of the season.

Mercedes' running on Friday in Bahrain was hampered by a hydraulic issue which restricted Hamilton to 67 laps on his final day in the car at the second test. However, far from being annoyed about the lost time, Hamilton said he was actively trying to find weaknesses with the W05.

"It doesn't frustrate us at all," Hamilton said. "We feel quite blessed that we've have done the amount of mileage that we've already done, so we are way ahead of where we thought we would be, particularly considering some others.

"When we lose time we actually see it as a blessing because we find an issue and then we know that it's got to go back to the drawing board. There could be a small pump that they've got to go and redesign or fix; that could have gone in Melbourne or one of the races coming up that would have caught us out and we would have been delayed.

"So I'm glad that all these bugs are coming; I want to find more and more. I'm trying to break the car as much as possible so that they can fix it before the races."

With Mercedes being singled out as the early title favourites, Hamilton said it was just a normal case of teams trying to keep attention on their rivals.

"Generally every time we go to a test one team will put the focus on another team just to take the focus off themselves. Everyone has done it so it doesn't really mean anything to us, we just have to continue to focus on us and our run programs and our issues and our positives and just continue to try to move forward."

With Hamilton only set to drive the car for two more days before Melbourne he said his priority next week would be to regain his race sharpness.

"I still haven't done a race run yet so I'd just like to get myself in to a race environment. The laps we're doing are pretty easy for me at the moment physically, so I'm happy to do as many race runs as I can do in a day or over a couple of days and then work a bit on the set-up."



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