Renault believes that "the major [problems] are now behind" with its new power unit, according to Remi Taffin.

Both Lotus and Renault suffered problems on the third day of testing in Bahrain, with Christian Horner and Romain Grosjean both having pointed the finger at the engine manufacturer a day earlier. However, both teams admitted that Friday's issues were of their own making and head of track operations Taffin is confident Renault has overcome its worst problems.

"I think we are now far from having all the hardware issues that we have before," Taffin said. "Many are fixed. We still have a few ones but the major ones are now behind us. We can start building programs on software and try the many items that we had on the board. We are now in a position to tick every single box on our list."

Though he admitted Renault has yet to run the power units at full power, Taffin said he was hopeful that it will be able to do so by the time the Australian Grand Prix starts.

"We are running many configurations because we are trying to sort out the performance of each individual component. It's not full performance because we have not run the full power unit to the level we would like to [if we could] tomorrow. So we still have some room to play with and we hope to have everything working at maximum performance when we get to Melbourne."



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