Jenson Button believes Renault will recover from its problems with the new power units and that Red Bull will remain a title contender.

Renault's issues from Jerez continued in to the second test, although Remi Taffin said on Friday that he feels the worst problems are behind the engine manufacturer. Button said Renault could still end up with the strongest engine in future and that time was also on Red Bull's side in terms of trying to recover after little mileage in testing so far.

"They'll be OK because there is 50 points for the last race..." Button joked. "New regulations are always difficult. I remember in 2006 with the V8 Mercedes things were pretty bad, then they created the best V8 engine. They will be competitive this year, but they won't have it all their own way."

And Button said the nature of the new regulations would allow big changes in form throughout the year, leaving the likes of Renault-powered teams the opportunity to catch up.

"I think it'll be an exciting season for the fans. I don't think anyone knows who will win the first race or win the championship, I really wouldn't know. The cars quickest at the first race won't necessarily be quick at the end do the year because there are going to be so many changes, not just here and there, there will be massive overhauls on downforce and upgrades."



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