Kimi Raikkonen said it was a simple spin which led to him crashing heavily at the end of the final day of the second test in Bahrain.

After a more productive day for Ferrari on Friday, Raikkonen was on a late run on soft tyres when he lost the rear coming out of Turn 4, spinning to the inside of the track and hitting the wall at high speed. Asked what happened to cause the accident, Raikkonen replied: "I spun, I hit the wall, that's it."

When it was put to Raikkonen that he was perhaps pushing too hard on low fuel going for a fast time, he said: "No I wasn't. It was just used tyres from today."

Reflecting on what he had learnt from the second test, Raikkonen said Ferrari is none the wiser about its relative competitiveness compared to when it arrived.

"I don't know where we're going to be in Australia. We don't know much more from this test than when we came here so I don't expect us to know really where we are in the next test either. Every year is the same story in testing. We're always guessing, people want to know but I cannot put us in a certain place because I have no idea what the others are doing.

"So the easiest thing is to wait for the first few races and see where we are. Hopefully we'll find out that we're going to be OK. I wouldn't panic or anything, we know that we are going where we want to go and we are working on the things that we think are important. Hopefully we'll find out when we go racing that we'll be just fine, so we'll just keep doing our things and see where we end up."



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