Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull Racing endured yet more woe on the final day of the second 2014 F1 pre-season test in Bahrain.

Ricciardo had been hoping to do more laps after only managing 28 tours on Friday. However, in the end he did 13 less, winding up seventh quickest and only 15th on the combined times.

"In all honesty it wasn't a great day today," Ricciardo remarked. "I guess we still need more time. We have four more days coming up and hopefully we can maximise those.

"I have to say that on the run we did today the car did feel better," he added. "But unfortunately another problem arose and we couldn't exploit that potential. I hope we can do more running next week. I'm happy I'm doing the first two days. At this stage we just need laps and I'm just hanging to get back in the car."

Red Bull Racing's race engineering co-ordinator, Andy Damerum, meanwhile described the week as 'difficult', although he reckons the squad has made 'good progress', even if the team did do only 116 laps - ahead of only Lotus and Marussia on the lap charts - and was way off the pace set by Mercedes.

"This morning we felt like we were in good shape. We had everything completed ahead of schedule and got out in good time. However, on Daniel's install we noticed a software problem and that knocked us back for the morning," Damerum explained.

"We got out again around lunchtime and put in a 10-lap run but we had to abort that as we had another mechanical issue. We brought Daniel back in and discovered some damage on the car, which following investigation was worse than we imagined. The guys worked really hard to get everything fixed and we were hopeful of getting out at the end of the day, even if just for an install. In the end, though, I don't think it would have been possible as a couple of late red flags ended running for everyone."

"[Overall] it's been a difficult week: we've made some very good progress, particular on day two, but we've also had a number of problems that have again held us back. The engineering team will head back to Milton Keynes now to plan the next moves and we can only look forward and try to get everything in place for test three here next week," Damerum concluded.



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