Adrian Sutil says there will be 'no time to mess around' for Sauber when the final pre-season F1 test gets underway later this week after losing time on track in the first of two tests being held in Bahrain.

The German was unable to set a time on Saturday after an issue was discovered with the chassis of his car, which had to be changed before he was able to head out onto the circuit.

With just seven laps on the board, the former Force India man failed to post a time and he admitted it was disappointing not to have been able to get any meaningful running.

"We learned nothing really," he said, "and it's been a disappointing day. We had an issue with the chassis and had to change it which was a massive job and the team did it well to get me out on track. But seven laps just in and out means we have to hope for a better time in the next test."

Despite the loss of time, Sutil said he felt Sauber had made good progress in the time since the opening test of the year in Spain even though there was still a lot to be done in the final four days of pre-season action.

"Things have improved quite a lot and we have a much better package," he said. "The car was ready to test here and we had our aero package fitted which meant it felt much more driveable than at Jerez.

"That first test was basically a roll out for us but conditions were much better here and we were able to make progress. However, there is no time to mess around and we have four more days before Melbourne and need to get a race run under our belt.

"We have to do some long runs, and then we can see where we stand."



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