Pastor Maldonado says Renault is still not able to run at 100% as Lotus continues to be held back by its power unit.

Having missed the first test, Lotus has been trying to catch up with its knowledge of the E22 at the two tests in Bahrain. However, issues with the Renault power unit again curtailed the team's day on Thursday and Maldonado said the engine is still far from being ready to run at its full potential.

"For sure it's not what we want, but it's what we have," Maldonado said. "We need to accept it, we need to keep working very hard ... I think it's clear that at the moment Renault is not at 100%. We are working together, I believe 100% that they can deliver the answers and the solutions quite soon. So here we are; open to work, open to do our best as a team.

"I think we have good potential to be there. The car is not bad. There are some mechanical problems around the engine which is related to the rules. The car is very complicated and we are working hard to improve the approach with the car even to get used to these new rules."

With Remi Taffin saying Renault has made clear progress since the second test, Maldonado said he was unable to judge due to his lack of running but knows there is still a lot of improvement that is needed.

"We didn't run enough to say something positive but for sure in terms of software and the electronic side there is an improvement. We're still not at 100% but for sure they know all the problems, they know what to do because we are not the only team who has problems. I think other teams have the same problem related to the engine and we are trying to help them to solve all of them. At the moment we are expecting to have an answer soon from [Renault's headquarters in] France."



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