Fernando Alonso believes he is "in a position of advantage" as the first race of the season approaches having enjoyed a lot of running during testing.

With just two days of the final pre-season test left, Alonso has completed the most laps with 455 - leaving him just four laps clear of Nico Rosberg for Mercedes. With such mileage under his belt and one day of testing still to go, Alonso feels he is in a better position than most heading to Melbourne.

"I'm happy in the position that we are now," Alonso said. "Ferrari did a great job all winter and the last part of last year to prepare this car. I don't know how we are in total laps this winter but we are for sure one of the best teams and I am one of the drivers with the most laps this winter. So that puts me in a position of advantage at the moment and hopefully I can use that in Australia to arrive a little bit more ready."

However, asked if he felt fully prepared for the first race, Alonso replied: "Probably not.

"Not many people will say they are ready after five days of testing. If you go to the World Cup in football and they changed the ball and they changed the size of the pitch and they give you five days to touch the ball ... we all would like more days and more experience.

"On the other hand if I look at the number of laps that I did in five days that's probably more than any other driver. So in a way with it being the same for everybody I think I'm in a good position in terms of experience and in terms of laps thanks to the Ferrari car that has been quite strong all winter so far."



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