Lewis Hamilton says it is hard to judge the potential of his Mercedes because "the car naturally feels a lot worse" due to the new regulations.

Mercedes has emerged as one of the pre-season favourites having covered the most mileage of any team so far during testing and been consistently quick. However, Hamilton said it was tough to predict how good the W05 actually is because the reduced downforce levels in 2014 have an impact relative to previous cars he has driven.

"Every year the car changes," Hamilton said. "This year we lost so much downforce so the car naturally feels a lot worse than previous years but in actual fact when you put things in perspective according to all the other teams it's great - I'm sure it's great for all the downforce levels that we have.

"I don't really know, I mean the packaging is the best that I've really seen. With people working on all the different areas it just feels like the most put together car that I have driven. So let's hope that results in wins."

However, despite his optimism and there being just two days of testing left, Hamilton insists Mercedes is still unsure of its position in the pecking order.

"I feel great personally and I feel confident that the team is doing everything that it can to get us to the top. I feel confident that we have a fighting chance against others but we just don't know where we are. We haven't all gone out on low fuel at the same time on the circuit when the wind is low and the grip is good and the temperatures are not too high.

"So it's difficult to know where everyone is, but we'll find out when we get to Australia. So far I haven't found a balance in the car that I like but I will do before Melbourne."



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