Renault is happy with the power unit it has for the 2014 season after the FIA's homologation deadline passed on Friday.

The new engines had to be homologated on the final day of February, with speculation Renault could ask for an extension after a number of high-profile problems during testing. However, head of track operations Remi Taffin said Renault had no problem meeting the deadline and is comfortable with what it has had to submit.

"Yes [the deadline was Friday] and we've gone through the normal process," Taffin said. "[There was no extension] at all, we have built an engine, it was viewed by the FIA, it was sealed, they've got it now and that's how we're going to build our engine for Melbourne. Documents are sent and everything is done."

And while Taffin admitted an extension to the deadline would have been beneficial to Renault, he insisted it hadn't been essential.

"If one is saying no to the question that it would not have helped I think is a liar. Anything you can do within three months would be a help, whether it's performance or reliability it's a no-brainer. But I don't think we needed that time. We've gone through, we've got an engine which is now at the FIA and that's how we're going to run in Melbourne."

With Daniel Ricciardo completing a quick 21-lap run on Friday afternoon, Taffin said it showed signs of progress with the power unit but actually disguised further problems.

"If you're just looking at lap times [it was the best running] but I don't think it was the best moment. It was one of the good moments that we had but we still had some bad ones. You always remember the bad ones until you have a very good one so it just means that we still have a lot to do.

"But we're getting there; when we're saying that we've got some potential maybe it was the time to show off a little bit. We tried to get the most out of what we've got now and to be completely fair we still have a work to do and there's still plenty to come."



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