Sebastian Vettel insists he will not let the pre-season testing problems divide Red Bull and Renault.

Red Bull and the engine manufacture have formed a formidable partnership in recent years, winning four consecutive championship doubles together. However, the new V6 turbo power unit regulations have seen Renault struggle and things went from bad to worse for Red Bull on the penultimate day of testing as Vettel failed to complete a lap.

Renault's Remi Taffin confirmed on Saturday evening that the day had been "a nightmare" as numerous issues combined to prevent running. However, Vettel said the team has to stay united with Renault in order to solve its problems.

"I think we know how serious it is, especially inside the team," Vettel said. "We know how serious it is on our side, on Renault's side, but honestly I'm not a big fan of splitting the two because we've been a team the last four years or five years when things have been fantastic.

"There were difficult days, difficult times when we had the engine blow up for example with two races to go and it nearly decided the championship which wasn't great. There were other faults on our side, there were faults on the drivers' side, but we are a team and these things happen. I think everyone is aware of that. For sure we want to make sure we get going as soon as possible but everyone is working together."

Although Red Bull is clearly on the back foot, Vettel said he was not allowing emotions to get the better of him at such an early stage in the year.

"We thought we would be in a much better place this week compared to last week. Obviously that hasn't been the case but there is no point in trying to be too emotional at this stage. We have to take it step-by-step and see.

"I'm not really frustrated. For sure I'm here to drive; I didn't drive a lot today and I didn't drive a lot on the other days but that's no reason to [get frustrated]. It's a long year, we are now in the beginning of March and we go until the end of November so it's still a long, long time. There are a lot of races for us to catch up. Surely it's not the way we want to start; everybody knows how important it is to start the season in the right way, but as things are now we can't change it."



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