Nico Hulkenberg says Force India has come up against "some seriously fast cars" so far in testing.

Sergio Perez topped the times on both the first and second days of the final pre-season test in Bahrain as Force India completed over 100 laps on each day. With Hulkenberg also reaching three figures on the penultimate day but not completing a low-fuel run, he said he doubted if he could also be quickest in qualifying trim given what he had seen from other teams.

"There are some seriously fast cars out there," Hulkenberg said. "The Williams, that time from [Saturday] is pretty quick; a very, very decent lap time so I'm not quite sure."

However, Hulkenberg was encouraged by the improvements he could feel in the Force India since he last drove the car.

"The team has made progress. When I left the car last week and then jumped back in [on Saturday] you could tell there has been some work done and the car has made progress, which is good and the way it should be."

Although Force India has shown impressive reliability at the final test, Hulkenberg said that was no guarantee it would finish the first race of the season.

"There is an opportunity for everyone pretty much [to score a strong result]. It's good to have good reliability here but it counts when we go to Melbourne and hopefully we will have good reliability there. But who knows, it's written in the stars. As far as we're concerned we'll just keep our heads down, do our work and prepare as well as we can."



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