Despite Red Bull having a tough pre-season of testing, Lewis Hamilton says Sebastian Vettel is "the target for everyone".

Red Bull completed just 319 laps in total during pre-season - of which Vettel managed 161 - while Hamilton alone had a total of 421. However, Hamilton is convinced the Red Bull is still a contender and says Vettel will be the focus of his attentions in Melbourne.

"He's the reigning world champion so he's the target I guess for everyone," Hamilton said. "They look like they have a stunning car and usually the more beautiful it is the faster it is so I'm sure they have got a pretty quick car this year.

"Once they get the engine sorted and all the systems that they've been struggling with I think they will be - as always - very hard to beat, but I know my team is stronger than ever so hopefully we'll be able to fight with them."

Asked how prepared he feels for Melbourne, Hamilton said Mercedes is in a strong position but there is a lot of work still to be done.

"I'm pretty sure there's not going to be many people who are going to be ready but I'm as ready as I can be with the winter testing that we've done. There's so much stuff to learn it's just mind-blowing how much stuff there is.

"Even with the car and the tyres; it was my first time just now driving with the supersofts and I've had two sets now. The more and more we drive through the year then the more experience we'll get and understand the temperatures and things."

On the supersoft tyre specifically, Hamilton said there was a lot of performance to be found.

"The tyre generally is quite a lot different to the rest of the tyres; it's quite a lot grippier but the car felt pretty good on that. It's a bit more of a challenge to drive the car this year and extract more from the tyres but we'll get there."