Sebastian Vettel says he is more concerned about Red Bull's reliability issues than its pace in pre-season testing.

After failing to complete a lap on Saturday, Vettel recovered to manage a total of 77 on the final day despite a spin, almost doubling his pre-season running in the process. However, Vettel admitted a race simulation had been attempted and aborted when he caused a red flag with his off at Turn 1.

Asked if he was concerned that Red Bull is still far off the pace in terms of the lap times on the final day, Vettel replied: "Yeah, we are.

"It's not a secret. For sure we cannot do the times that the guys at the top are doing for a couple of reasons but at the moment we have bigger problems to solve than just the pace."

Looking ahead to the first race in Australia, Vettel predicted that Red Bull would have stabilised somewhat by the time it gets to Melbourne.

"Obviously I'm not calling ourselves the favourites [for Melbourne]. We haven't done enough laps, the speed is not there compared to some other teams so we have to wait and see what we get there. But surely things will calm down once we use the two weeks that we have until then and fit the new parts to the car and build it to the best knowledge that we have."

Despite acknowledging that Red Bull could be off the pace, Vettel said he is unsure where it is in the overall pecking order.

"It's difficult because the running that we did ... there are so many different options this year to run. Not just whether you're on fresh or used tyres, high or low fuel. From the engine you have full power, half power, a little bit of power, so therefore I think it's impossible to say where we are. Car-wise we learned as well today just because we did more laps and we know that we have to catch up."



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