Inconsistencies from the new Renault energy recovery systems are "disturbing" Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado.

2014's regulations see increased energy recovery to such an extent that the new brake-by-wire systems are designed to help stabilise the car while energy is harvested under braking. However, the systems are complex and the lack of running that Lotus has endured due to issues with the Renault power unit is having a knock-on effect to other areas of the car, affecting driver confidence.

Lotus technical director Nick Chester believes the E22 is a strong car but explained why it will take so long for the team to get anywhere near its maximum potential.

"With the chassis itself the level of grip isn't too bad, even though we've lost a little bit of downforce," Chester said. "The biggest problems are how the chassis works with the power unit and how the energy recovery system works. So there are some inconsistencies there which are making it very difficult for the driver to predict what he is going to get when he arrives at the corner.

"So the system is not doing exactly the same thing every time and that is disturbing the driver and losing us a lot of time."

And Chester admits Renault has not been able to put a timeframe on how long it may take to get the power unit and its associated systems working consistently.

"There are no fixed timescales. They are working very hard on it. I'm sure when they gather all the information after [the final] test for what has happened with all the teams we'll get another update of what is happening for Melbourne."



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