Esteban Gutierrez says he has to work on his qualifying consistency if he wants to lead the Sauber team this year.

With 2013 being Gutierrez's debut season in F1, he failed to make it out of Q1 on numerous occasions and ended the year having only outqualified his then team-mate Nico Hulkenberg on one occasion. With Adrian Sutil joining the team for this season, Gutierrez knows qualifying is a crucial area he needs to improve to mark himself out as the team leader.

During an exclusive interview with, asked what he feels his biggest weakness is Gutierrez replied: "I'd say qualifying; a little bit of inconsistency in qualifying.

"It's somewhere where I need to really establish a pattern which will give me the confidence to push forward. For example in the race performance I've always been quite confident and the way everything was managed was very good, even though we didn't have great qualifying sessions. I think myself getting more consistency can give me a big boost in other things."

But Gutierrez also said he would have to refine every aspect of his driving to become Sauber's number one, and then he will be able to help the team develop in a way which his is comfortable with.

"Everything brings the consequence of the result. On the communication side, the way I communicate ... you have to analyse yourself and then put together certain goals that can be achieved. Obviously in terms of results it is important that a goal cannot be too precise. The first instance is to be a leader in the team in terms of results and then pushing the team forward together in the direction which we all want to go."



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