Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said the tyre manufacturer is wary of the rate of development that will be seen in F1 this season.

2013 was a tough year for Pirelli as it suffered a number of high-profile tyre failures and struggled to make changes to the tyres during the season. Speaking exclusively to Crash.net, Hembery said Pirelli has learned from its problems a year ago and has taken a more cautious approach to this season's tyres in the knowledge that the cars are likely to develop significantly throughout 2014.

"You've got to be slightly more conservative because at one extreme you could end up with some cars going much quicker than others and that in itself is something you need to be aware of," Hembery said. "Particularly the rate of development is something that we're very conscious of this year. Last year it was one of the aspects that we learned during our experiences last year and we need to be much more attentive in terms of speed and rate of development.

"As you can imagine, with new rules there is great potential for improvement in performance throughout the year; what we see [in testing] will be quite different to what we see at the end of the season. Already in terms of lap times if you take in to account 50 kilos - which is two seconds per lap - we are very close to the performance of last year already.

"You can imagine with a normal two second per season improvement we will definitely be quicker than last year, and with the potential that we have for developing the car and the powertrain then you would have to anticipate we will be quicker."

However, Hembery said he was pleased Pirelli had a better way of trying to make changes to the tyres if required.

"[Can make changes] on safety grounds - we've always been able to do that - but there is now a better platform for getting a change made of that nature. You have the strategy group which involves FIA, FOM and six of the main teams, so if there's a need we can go to that group and they can make a decision, whereas in the past we had to get the majority of the teams and that in itself ended up going in to unnecessary politics, unfortunately. So there is a better structure for making change this season."



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