Lewis Hamilton says there is "a lot more to come" from both himself and his Mercedes following pre-season testing.

Mercedes has cemented its position as one of the early favourites for victory in Australia after being consistently quick and completing the most mileage across all three tests. However, it was Williams which ended the final test with the fastest time as Hamilton was 0.020s shy of Felipe Massa's best time after a run on supersoft tyres.

Asked if he felt he was extracting the maximum from the car, Hamilton replied: "No, no.

"I think there's a lot more to come. I only had two runs on the supersoft [in Bahrain]. The first run was not very good - half a lap was OK but then I made a few mistakes and it got pretty tacky - and then the second run was terrible, but that comes as part and parcel of just trying to extract the most from these tyres. So now I know there's a whole heap of grip in those tyres hopefully next time I'll set the car up a little bit differently to extract that."

And Hamilton said he had been learning in a number of other areas throughout testing right up until his final lap in the car.

"This whole winter pre-season we were generally the first ones out, we happen to be just above Williams in terms of distance that we covered which is positive; although they do have our engine so that's no surprise!

"[I've learned] lots of things. As a driver just learning about the new brakes, learning about the new downforce level, how to set the car up; I'm still learning that but I feel like I'm in a pretty good position."



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