Ron Dennis believes McLaren "will win races this year" as a result of the changes he is implementing at the team.

Dennis returned as Group CEO earlier this year, with Martin Whitmarsh making way and Eric Boullier essentially taking over the team principal role under the title of racing director.

Though Dennis would not go in to detail about the situation surrounding Whitmarsh, he highlighted his determination to return McLaren to winning ways after a podium-less 2013, and says the team can be successful during the last year of its deal with Mercedes.

"Being open and being committed I think is the best environment in which we can work with Mercedes, and that's how we will continue," Dennis told reporters including at the McLaren Technology Centre. "We will win, I believe we will win races this year. I really believe that. How many we can win I don't know, how quickly we can win I don't know, but the focus and commitment that I've given to that part of the company is huge, but not to the detriment to the growth of the rest of the group.

"As I said to everybody some time ago, if everyone matches my own passion, commitment and focus then we will most definitely win. The company was a little unfit and it needs to get fit. There's pain to getting fit and so hopefully everybody has got the right mindset - and that's what it's about, mindset - to understand what we expect of each other and what I expect of them."

And Dennis said his determination to return the team to winning ways means he is prepared to move people on from McLaren if he doesn't feel they are buying in to his approach.

"It takes people time to understand what is expected of them and if they don't get there then they won't be with the company. But I will give everybody plenty of messages what I expect out of them and if they get the message then fine, and if they don't get the message then move on. It will take time to get to where I want to be."



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