McLaren will start the season without a title sponsor but expects to have one in place during the early races.

The team has been without a title sponsor since it's partnership with Vodafone ended at the end of 2013.

With McLaren also switching engine manufacturers from Mercedes to Honda at the end of this year the team is in a period of change, but group CEO Ron Dennis insists a new title sponsor will be in place as soon as he feels McLaren is correctly valued.

"Our cars will not feature a title sponsor at the first event and it will definitely be featuring a title sponsor some time in the next few races," Dennis said. "Why? Because I strongly believe we are Manchester United. Inevitably when you have a run of poor results people try to push the rate card down and I won't accept that.

"I know what this company is and I know what this grand prix team can achieve, and that requires the correct recognition when it comes to a commercial relationship with a principal sponsor.

"We are negotiating with several companies at the moment and I'm optimistic it will happen sooner rather than later. But part of being the size that we are, money is an issue. The racing team - who doesn't have to worry about income - has the biggest budget that it's had in the history of the company."

Dennis also explained that any title sponsorship deal would not be an interim until the Honda partnership begins in 2015.

"We've turned away stop-gaps. You can go a lot in to fractionisation where you go a lot in to branding zones, but what you don't get in that instance is you don't get the benefit of a global advertising strategy. Global advertising strategies are very impactful on those sponsors who sit alongside the title because they get the impact of other people's spends.

"So we are quite scientific about analysing the media impact on the team, impact of colouration, design, whatever. I don't think anyone should be surprised by that because effectively we are competing for the same money and some budgets as world class advertising agencies. So you need to speak the same language and you need to have the same metric of being able to enforce those. The one thing that dilutes the ability to get share of voice is not having a dynamic, proactive title sponsor.

"Fortunately because of the depths of the company I am not stressed by that and I am as certain as one can be that it is something that will change over the next few months."



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