Mercedes has a clear advantage over Red Bull but executive director (technical) Toto Wolff expects the reigning champions to bounce back quickly.

Red Bull struggled during pre-season testing, with issues attributed to the Renault power unit hampering its running and leaving the team on the back foot coming in to this weekend's Australian Grand Prix. However, while Wolff expects Red Bull to recover he is sure Mercedes has enjoyed the best season due to the reliability of its package.

"You can only analyse what we've seen so far, and [Red Bull] had a really difficult start in Jerez and didn't look good," Wolff said. "But they improved, and we've seen some good reading, so I've no doubt over the last two weeks they will have tried to optimise everything and eventually they will bounce back.

"Nevertheless we have an advantage at this stage of the season - we have done more kilometres, we had all our customer teams doing lots of miles, and this obviously adds up."

While Wolff admitted he was confident in Mercedes' chances of victory in Melbourne, he warned that the complexity of the new regulations means his team is only well prepared compared to its rivals.

"We can be confident in terms of sheer performance, and the team has prepared well, we've seen that in testing. But we haven't raced yet. We had a couple of race simulations and we finished two, so making it to the end will be the crucial bit for Sunday. With brand new technologies we haven't tested a lot, so confident, yes, but let's discuss it again on Sunday night."



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