Kimi Raikkonen says he is targeting a title challenge in 2014 but is unsure if Ferrari is competitive enough to be able to do so.

Having returned to Ferrari from Lotus over the winter, Raikkonen rejoined the team with which he won his only drivers' championship in 2007. With the new season starting in Australia this weekend, Raikkonen said the target was to be able to challenge for the title once again but wouldn't rely on winter testing to tell him if that is a realistic goal or not.

"Obviously we want to win but I don't know how strong we're going to be," Raikkonen said. "It's hard to say from testing and I prefer to wait for a few races. I'll try to do my best and hopefully I'll be up there, improve all the time and obviously fight for the championship. That's the aim, is it going to happen? It's too early to say."

With the new regulations giving the drivers more to do, Raikkonen said he doesn't believe the new regulations will affect the best on the grid.

"I don't really think that between the top drivers there is an awful lot of difference whatever the rules are. Certainly I think tyres make a big difference between drivers; one tyre might suit better than another set of tyre or the type of tyre to other drivers. So I think there's not really going to be a big difference with the rules between the top drivers."

And Raikkonen said his driving style hasn't needed to change much as a result of the new regulations, but says the 2014 Pirelli tyres have more of an influence on how the car needs to be driven.

"It changed a little bit but I would say on driving style different tyres will change the way of driving much more than the way new rules have changed it. Obviously there's a bit more torque in the engines and you have to be a bit more careful in some areas; there is a bit less grip than last year. So it depends from race to race really. I think once we improve on all the settings it will get more easy to control things but I think we've done a pretty good job ourselves with all the details."



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