Despite a torrid pre-season, Daniel Ricciardo insists that he cannot wait to get the 2014 F1 season underway on home soil in Melbourne.

The Australian's 'big break' in being invited to join four-time reigning world champions Red Bull Racing quickly evaporated when it became apparent that the new RB10 wasn't the world beater its predecessors had appeared to be. Although a lot of its problems could be traced back to the new-for-2014 Renault 'power unit' that the team has in common with fellow strugglers Lotus, Toro Rosso and Caterham, Red Bull put up the third fewest laps across the three official test sessions - around a thousand fewer than Caterham - leaving Ricciardo and team-mate Sebastian Vettel unsure of what to expect from the opening round.

"I think we had one stand-out day [in testing]," the Australian confirmed, "There weren't many, but at least one for me was pretty good.

"I think we're all a bit unsure how good our cars are. Speaking for all the drivers, I think we're just curious and hanging out to get on the track this weekend and see where everyone stands and get a clearer picture. I've had a busy week leading up to the race and I'm probably more excited than anyone else right now to get in the car."

Much has been made of Ricciardo's move, particularly as he replaces Australian hero Mark Webber alongside Vettel, but the youngster refuses to admit carrying any extra pressure on his shoulders.

"I think, for now, I'll just focus on what I've done the last few years and keep doing what I've been doing to get to this point, then assess it from there and see how it's going," he revealed, "Obviously, I get a good view behind the scenes from the engineers of how Seb works with his guys and understand a little more through that but, for now, it's just do my thing, see where I stand off that and we'll work from there.

"I think the championship is a long way away judging from testing, but I think we're going to develop so much throughout the year."



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