Kimi Raikkonen blamed his crash in qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix on a lack of concentration during an in-lap.

Late in Q2, Raikkonen spun exiting Turn 3 and hit the wall on the inside of the circuit, damaging the front of the Ferrari. Explaining what had caused the incident after qualifying, Raikkonen said he had backed off and was returning to the pits having already given up hope of progressing when he made the error.

"In the wet I think we had the speed but just the traffic ... with those things it's a bit tricky to always know," Raikkonen said. "I didn't have any more time to do an extra lap so at the end of the lap I would have come in anyhow and was just playing around with the switches or something and just got a little bit of wheelspin and touched the wall. But the car is more or less OK, the front wing is damaged.

"It was just my mistake. I got a little bit of wheelspin, I wasn't pushing any more anyhow so I just got wheelspin and just couldn't catch it. That didn't change the fact that we would not have gone through anyhow. I think we easily had the speed but we just had traffic on the previous lap with the McLaren going very slowly through Turn 5 and we had to avoid that and the cars in front of us, but that's how it goes sometimes."

But Raikkonen did say one positive from the day had been the progress Ferrari has made with his car overnight.

"Yesterday was not ideal. It's been a bit difficult and for sure we improved for today in the dry. I went off this morning on the soft tyres so that was not ideal but I think we made improvements. We're still not where we want to be - we know that - but it was a bit better already so qualifying was OK. We ran the harder tyres in the first session and then it started to rain when we put the softs on but the car felt OK, same like the morning."



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