Kamui Kobayashi admits he is going to have to curb his attacking instincts in the Australian Grand Prix in order to ensure Caterham finishes the race.

During his first spell in F1, Kobayashi earned a reputation for an attacking racer, often pulling off bold overtaking moves. He will start his first race for Caterham from 14th on the grid in Melbourne, but the team has had a tough weekend so far and completed just 42 laps in total across all three practice sessions with both cars.

That has left the team keen for more running to further understand its 2014 car, and asked by Crash.net if he would have to rein in his racing instincts, Kobayashi admitted: "The most important is to get mileage.

"I think this is the priority, the biggest priority. If I say [to the team], 'What do you want?' even the team guys will say the most important thing is we have to finish. Of course sometimes we have to take risks, but it's more of a risk right now because we have to get mileage, we have to know the car, we have to get everything and look at everything.

"I think this will give us the indications for the next race or the rest of the events. So I think I am definitely looking for the most important things [to work on], just to see the chequered flag."

Emphasising just how much Caterham needs to learn about its new car during the race, Kobayashi estimated that the team is only currently able to get 20% out of the car.

"I have to say [we need to work on] everything, because I'm not happy at all, but I think we can still make a step forward with everything right now. If we were fighting at 98% to get to 100%, to get 2% is pretty difficult, but right now we are at 20% and we still can improve 80% so we have a lot of potential to improve.

"So I don't think we have to improve one part, I think we can improve more basic performance so I would say everything right now."



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